Teaching mobilities

Every teacher can teach, but teaching in a foreign country, with foreign students, is a challenge that every teacher would like to try at least once, but which is difficult to achieve. You need an educational centre with the same academic level and which also agrees to have a teacher come and teach in its classrooms.

If teaching a few hours abroad is difficult, finding a partner who will accept it is even more difficult… and the issue becomes even more complicated when it comes to specific specialties that are not very widespread or in vocational training subjects that are sometimes taught in very few centres.

At Alicante Training we will be happy to find you the host partner you need. We are from Alicante, we live in Alicante and we are teachers in Alicante. We know the area and especially the people who work here.

If you are looking for a serious partner to come and try teaching in a foreign centre, contact us. You won’t regret it ….